22 Dec 2017

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The Prospects for 2018 – a NAB Markets review

Friday 22nd December 2018

In this final edition for 2017 the full Morning Call team weigh in with their views on how the Markets will move in 2018. Could rising inflation be the big surprise? What has been subduing wage growth? Will the GOP tax cuts have the intended effects and will they add strength to the US dollar? Could we see the pound gain some ground as agreement is reached on a Brexit transitional period? Or will it all fall in a heap? And where will the Aussie dollar go in 2018 – will it see any benefits wash off from the growth in emerging markets in Asia? If not, why not?

Phil Dobbie is joined by NAB’s Rodrigo Catril, Ray Attrill, David de Garis, Tapas Strickland and Gavin Friend, in this special edition of The Morning Call. We look forward to kicking off the next series on January 22nd.

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